Improving healthcare through innovative products and projects.

We are group of talented, young, enthusiastic people striving for innovations in our everyday life.

We are group of experts that spent already hundreds of man-years solving problems in healthcare and specifically in information technology field, helping doctors to cure patients easier and more precise.

We connect data and turn them into information for better and sustainable care.

We are data scientists, analytics, developers, project managers, data integration and healthcare standards specialists, system integrators, doctors, nurses.

We are Future Analyticz. Empowering healthcare.

We are medical product company, where we focus mainly on changing the culture and approach how to handle data. In all of our products we are trying to change the paradigm of the data usage. We attempt, always, to present the data in the way they have never been accessed. We try to exchange the data into valuable information. Our team inject unique experience gained throughout their healthcare, social and university careers into innovative software products that help professionals change the way how they work and lead them to the future.

Members our team has created numerous projects in area of healthcare, health insurance world or governmental institutions focused on delivering health or social care. We strive for excellence and generate experience for our teams on the way. We have proven to our clients and partners that we are valuable piece in the puzzle. Our staff deliver always outstanding work, which result in winning trust and long term relationship with you.

Building products on proven experience means also taking part in various IT services. We have achieved expertize in many areas of such services. Our staff is experienced in building networks of healthcare providers and integrate desperate sources of data on the level of single or chain of the hospitals. In order to achieve these goals it has been essential to use different approaches in project management. Last but not least our experts are valuable source of information for consulting, delivering patents or building essential knowledge for achieving Medical Device Regulation product status.


Future Analyticz is partnering with many organizations in technology and university domains.