We are medical product company, where we focus mainly on changing the culture and approach how to handle data. In all of our products we are trying to change the paradigm of the data usage. We attempt, always, to present the data in the way they have never been accessed. We try to exchange the data into valuable information. Our team inject unique experience gained throughout their healthcare, social and university careers into innovative software products that help professionals change the way how they work and lead them to the future.

Software for general practitioners

We deliver intuitive outpatient software, created for general practitioners and specialists. It is clear and descriptive, designed in intensive cooperation with doctors and nurses to meet all the requirements and demands of working in a doctor’s office.

It significantly saves time; the doctor can fully devote himself to the patient.

The main advantages of ambee

  • Availability – Use through a web browser.
  • Data security – the system backs up data regularly.
  • Ease of use – clearly displayed information, descriptive buttons, self-guidance system for the doctor.

Electronic Health Record

Clear, easily accessible, and chronologically organized cards of all your patients will always be at hand. The most important data about the patient will be clearly displayed in one place.


Leave some things out of your mind and devote time to the patient. With the help of our GP software:

  • schedule checks or standard examinations,
  • organize preventive examinations and vaccinations,
  • find the most suitable date for you and your patient,
  • see the patient schedule for the current day, week or month,
  • save your time and the time of your patients.

Insurance companies and legislation

Software is connected to all three health insurance companies in accordance with their requirements and rules.

  • communicate safely and reliably,
  • create batches with reports,
  • communicate with ezdravie in accordance with legislation,
  • prepare monthly data settlement for the social insurance company.

Document templates

They save your time. For faster creation and recording of patient medical records, you can create templates with predefined text that you can select and use with one click. So you always have the skeleton of the document at hand. The most frequently used templates:

  • decurse,
  • exchange ticket,
  • request for spa treatment,
  • a form for a preventive inspection,
  • examination request (X-ray, blood tests),
  • anamnesis


All overviews, reports and statistics without worries. There are many of them, the most used are the following:

  • reports on preventive inspections,
  • overviews of performances and examinations,
  • number of treated patients according to diagnosis,
  • overview of capitalized and non-capitalized patients,
  • an overview of prescribed medicines and aids,
  • overview of laboratory results,
  • daily overview of patients,
  • overview of SMS sent to patients,
  • overviews of PN and OCR.


Gain Holistic Physiotherapy With Homebalance’s Smart Device and Therapy Plan

Gain holistic, personalized physiotherapy with Homebalance’s smart device and tailor-made therapeutic plan. With an interactive system and visual feedback, treat balance disorders conveniently in the comfort of your own home and get evaluation reports on your progress.

Convenient Home Therapy: Enjoy the Benefits of Customized, Distant Physiotherapy

Home Balance provides convenient home therapy so you don’t have to worry about scheduling and attending regular check-ups. Physiotherapists customize each patient’s therapeutic program, track progress online and provide personal consultation through a distance training platform. Enjoy the benefits of Homebalance with customized sessions tailored to your needs while taking comfort in knowing that your health is being monitored by qualified professionals.

Comprehensive Care Plans: Get a Personalized Evaluation & Report for Your Improvement

Home Balance provides a comprehensive care plan, with personalized evaluation and report designed to track your progress. With our interactive system and online platform, you will receive the personal consultation of a certified medical professional, who will customize sessions tailored specifically to your needs. Enjoy convenience at home while knowing that you are receiving individualized care from qualified experts.

Intuitive Software Systems: Improve Patients Balance with Advanced Technology Treatment & Visual Feedback

Home Balance provides an intuitive software platform to improve balance and reduce falls with advanced technology treatments, including personalized therapy plans and visual feedback. Get the personal consultation of a certified medical professional from the comfort of your own home – all while conveniently tracking your progress via interactive system and cloud-based reports.


The solution contains a complex telemedicine system that works with a wide range of patient data, analyze it and supports the decision-making process of a doctor or therapist. Currently, it is mainly focused on the field of telerehabilitation and the other most common chronic diseases – diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and other. The number of patients with these diseases is increasing worldwide every year, and this leads not only to the capacity utilization of healthcare facilities, but also to the financial burden of the entire healthcare system. The offered telemedicine system facilitates the work of the doctors themselves, and also directly helps specific patients to orient themselves in their care plans.
It supports patients in the prevention of civilizational diseases, thanks to the lifestyle data analysis module . The system works both with data obtained using questionnaires (family history, psychological state of the patient, etc.), and data obtained through relevant medical devices (glucometer – blood sugar, tonometer – blood pressure, pulse oximeter – oxygen saturation, etc.) or wearable devices ktivity cs (energy expenditure, physical ktivity, heart rate, sleep data).
A non-negligible factor for the development or prevention of diseases is the genetic background of each individual, DNA analysis is thus used (either whole-genome sequencing or analysis of specific risk variants).


Based on variables mentioned above a truly comprehensive view of the health status of patients is possible. This helps doctors to personalize the care plan and helps patients in digital engagement and increased adherence.


The telemedicine solution also enables remote implementation of rehabilitation therapy and is suitable for providing rehabilitation intervention in both clinical and home environments. The principle of therapy is based on the use of telemetric transmissions, therapy using audiovisual feedback and monitoring of the patient’s movement activity and monitoring and training of stability, lower and upper limbs, and cognitive functions.

HomeBalance functionality:

  • Diagnostic functions and data collection
  • Advanced algorithmic functions and data processing, connecting data and turn them into information
  • Support of the doctor’s decision-making process, predictive analytics
  • Support of prevention through recommendations addressed directly to the patient
  • Support for distance care, home treatment plans, focus on rehabilitation and physiotherapy
  • Telemedicine system for monitoring patients with hypertension and heart failure
  • Telerehabilitation
  • Telemedicine system to support a healthy lifestyle and prevent civilization diseases.