About us

Welcome to Future Analyticz world! We are a medical technology company providing a secure online patient monitoring platform to healthcare professionals. Our innovative technology utilizes data-driven analytics and customizable care strategies to ensure better patient outcomes. Our company is a spin-off Faculty of biomedical engineering of Czech technology university in Prague.

Our team

Jan Kašpar

Co-founder, CEO and CFO

Jan Kašpar is an accomplished Assistant Professor and researcher at Charles University, 1st Faculty of Medicine and Czech Technical University, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering with expertise in eHealth and Telemedicine technology, ICT solution development and project management. He has a successful track record as a co-founder of several start-up companies specializing in remote assistance for elderly and disabled persons, interactive systems for home-based therapy of balance disorders, and telemedicine platforms for patients with chronic diseases. His dedication to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technologies, coupled with his academic and industry expertise, makes him a valuable asset in the field of biomedical engineering and eHealth solutions.

Eugen Pahulyi is an IT specialist with more than 20 years of experience in Health IT. He has implemented more than 15 successful major nationwide projects, including a transaction system for the biggest private health insurance company in Slovakia, a CRM system, DMS, a business process automation tool or an outpatient healthcare information system. As a co-author of the Slovak National ePrescription solution, analyst of the eExamination eHealth domain and founder of the cloud-based outpatient healthcare information system he brings valuable experience in the Health IT field to the company.

Eugen Pahulyi

Co-founder and CIO

Karel Hána


Karel Hana: Co-founder, the last gate of Future Analyticz. Karel Hana is a specialist in the collection and analysis of data from public sources. He received a doctorate in the field of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. He was involved in a number of successful projects. His hobbies include cyber security, artificial intelligence, the development of special hardware and encryption. He is the author or co-author of about 20 patents, about 30 utility models, and about 50 scientific papers with about 250 citations. As an expert in Competitive Intelligence with the reputation of Inspector Colombo’s wife, he brings an element of mystery to the company. Karel is a member of Mensa CZ.

Aneta Buchtelová holds a position as an Assistant Professor at Charles University, 1st Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Biomedical Engeneering, Czech Technical University. Her expertise lies in the dynamic field of telemedicine, eHealth, and the integration of biology and medicine with cutting-edge technology. She is a Clinical Specialist with extensive expertise in the field of healthcare and clinical research. With a passion for improving healthcare systems and patient outcomes, Aneta has been actively involved in various research projects focused on optimizing medical practices and implementing evidence-based approaches. Her thorough understanding of healthcare processes and data analysis has led to the successful development of innovative strategies for enhancing patient care. Aneta’s work experience includes collaborating with medical professionals, academic institutions, and other organizations to identify areas for improvement and implement practical solutions.

Aneta Buchtelová

Healthcare Analyst and Clinical Specialist

Kateřina Pilátová

Research scientist of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK

Kateřina Pilátová is research scientist of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK, analyst in projects at the Center for eHealth and Telemedicine, academic worker at FBMI CTU, where she is studying the doctoral field of Assistive Technology at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies in Medicine. As part of her dissertation, she focuses on the possibilities of using virtual reality for telerehabilitation of upper extremity functional disorders. She participated in the implementation of several scientific and educational projects in the field of telemedicine. She is engaged in clinical research in the field of remote care and telerehabilitation, clinical studies and analytical activities in the development of software and ICT solutions for telemedicine care of chronic patients. In addition, she participates in the development of the Telmed (technology for teaching eHealth and telemedicine) technological solution for teaching medics at the medical faculties of Charles University. She is part of the startup project team, which is a spin-off company of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK and is a non-state healthcare facility focused on providing services in telemedicine.

Clinical specialist with focus on IT sphere (patient data processing) and technology – healthcare sphere (clinical workplaces – hospitals, rehabilitation institutes, other medical facilities). Furthermore, a researcher in the field of telemedicine and telerehabilitation at Charles University – 1st Faculty of Medicine and CTU FBMI. Teaching assistant for Physiotherapy students, CTU in Prague, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering – Department of Health Sciences and Population Protection. Clinical consultant – preclinical and clinical evaluation according to EU Regulation 2017/745 on medical devices. Head physiotherapist and supervisor of the private health care facility Homebalance s.r.o.

Luisa Šedivcová

Clinical Specialist


Future Analyticz is partnering with many organizations in technology and university domains.

University cooperation

We base our values and future on our proven cooperation with different universities in region of European Union. We gain many important experiences and are mainly cooperating in following areas.

  • Education – student, academic, research mobility
  • Research – project cooperation in biomedical engineering, telemedicine & eHealth
  • Clinical trials based knowledge and research support
  • Big patient data analysis, AI supported care
  • Technology & know-how transfer, spin-off & start-up support