Building products on proven experience means also taking part in various IT services. We have achieved expertize in many areas of such services. Our staff is experienced in building networks of healthcare providers and integrate desperate sources of data on the level of single or chain of the hospitals. In order to achieve these goals it has been essential to use different approaches in project management. Last but not least our experts are valuable source of information for consulting, delivering patents or building essential knowledge for achieving Medical Device Regulation product status.

Project management

Our team with all the skills and experiences in the field of digital care could provide effective project management in eHealth and telecare area. Our project managers have long and extensive experience with project in the field of data integration in healthcare, in adopting new standards in system integration, in connecting the needs of clinical stuff with technology.

Hospital information system integration

We provide implementation services in terms of technological elements, interconnections, services provided and organizational structure. Before starting the integration, the given organization has a number of systems that either do not share data and services at all, or only on a one-to-one basis and differently every time. We help to start process of controlled integration, communication and follow-up services with aim to have all the stuff be unified. Digitalized hospital makes everything easier and clearer and allows use of artificial intelligence over the complete set of all data, including big data to bring new possibilities in healthcare or hospital management.


Consultancy services in health and telecare refer to professional advice and guidance provided by our experts in the field of healthcare and telecare technology. We are ready to help in advising healthcare organizations on how to improve their operations, processes, and strategies to provide better care to patients using modern eHealth solutions. Additionally, telecare consultancy services may help organizations implement telemedicine technologies to facilitate remote consultations and monitoring of patients‘ health conditions. Our consultants in this field possess in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry, as well as expertise in telecare technologies, and can provide insights into the latest trends and best practices in the field. Overall, our consultancy services in health and telecare can be instrumental in helping healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes, deliver high-quality care, increase patient adherence to careplans, and boost patient digital engagement.


Members of our team have been participating in many projects, where the outcome was a patent award. Here is just a sneak peek at some of them.

PV 2006-573, A system for measuring biological and technical quantities in a strong and variable electromagnetic field


PV 2006-574, Device for sensing temperature and intended for measuring cell of apparatus for imaging by means of nuclear magnetic resonance


PV 2007-19, Device for sensing and/or monitoring and/or analysis of physiological signals from horse body surface


PV 2014-979, A biotelemetric system for the support of monitoring the psychophysiological state of a human being


PV 2016-397, A low-energy defibrillation device


PV 2018-744, Supervision device for monitoring people, especially in difficult conditions and a sensor allocation system on the human body

PV 2018-745, Three-level notification centre communication system and the end warning element


PV 2018-748, A monitoring and transport system in particular for transporting infectious patients


PV 2019-273, Wireless connection method of an intelligent house with a rescue system patrol and a system for this


PV 2019-814, Security monitoring system especially for seniors and the method carried out on it


PV 2020-733, Educational toy aid for children with diabetes mellitus