Members our team has created numerous projects in area of healthcare, health insurance world or governmental institutions focused on delivering health or social care. We strive for excellence and generate experience for our teams on the way. We have proven to our clients and partners that we are valuable piece in the puzzle. Our staff deliver always outstanding work, which result in winning trust and long term relationship with you.

Future Analyticz team has been providing services in different areas of healthcare technology.

Internal process and CRM system for major health insurance

  • Major private health insurance in CEE
  • 1,5 mil. insurees
  • Internal processes management, handling customers and employees
  • CRM + DMS
  • ESB functionality, server as the main ESB for whole company
  • Used by more than 1000 employees on all branches.

National Healthcare Information system – use cases design and development

  • Long-term cooperation with None of the main CEE countries
  • Work as project leaders on various projects
  • Analysis, development, testing for several nationwide modules
  • Main agenda: eExamination, ePrescription
  • Discharge summaries

ePrescription – nationwide

  • National ePrescription solution for 5,2 mil. citizens
  • From analysis to go LIVE in 9 months 01-10/2015
  • Develop and maintain the solution
  • More than 500 000 000 prescriptions dispatched from 2015
  • 25 000 prescriptions a day on average
  • More than 2000 pharmacies connected
  • 56 major hospitals connected
  • 2 major health insurance companies connected
  • Overall population of 5,2 million citizens served
  • Main component of Slovakian eHealth system

Claim system


Claim system for health insurance company
Handling claims for all healthcare providers handling market of 5,5 mil citizens

Internal Process management system

  • Consolidated EHR for different chain of hospitals in CEE region
  • Initial base for deployment of HIS
  • Integration with usage of InterSystems integration platform InterSystems HealthSHare Unified Care Record and IRIS for Health in biggest University hospitals in CEE region
  • Focusing on delivery of HER for hospitals from 300 to 3000 beds


  • Leader in telemedicine/research solutions with specific focus on chronical diseases and elderly monitoring
  • Main focus: Chronical diseases (Diabetes and Hypertonics), wearables data interpretation, healthy lifestyle adherence
  • Therapeutic plans using DNA analysis. Algorithmic recommendations to lifestyle & quality of life includind predisposition to chronic diseases